As we know the upcoming year 2019 comes with lots of Future Technology in the market. In this blog, we will be discussing top technology trends for 2019. As we can see technology transforming very rapidly.

The advantage of new technology is that it comes with the adding features to make our life easier.Future technology trends in 2019

Why is technology so important?

Technology is the heart of the future. These days it becomes a more important parameter in all aspect of lif, especially for business. New technology comes with new challenges, that challenges increase the experience of an organization, it gives the sustainable strength to the organization.

The Future technology will give the boost to the business industry, so it’s our responsibility to know the importance of technology in business. So I have collected some interesting and latest trends in 2019.

Top Technology Trends For 2019:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) System:

AI (Artificial intelligence) made possible that machines can learn from experience, provides output to inputs so that machine can perform human-like tasks. There are lots of application we are using today such as facebook, google maps, PayPal, chess-playing computers, self-driving cars these are few to mention here – rely heavily on AI. With the use of Artificial Intelligence computers can be trained to perform specific work by implementing data in the system.

Artificial Intelligence is the integration of machine and computer science to create the human-like machine that would perform all the task that a human can perform. Also, it is the branch of computer science which deal with creating the intelligent machines.

AI research main core part is engineering and machine behaves like an Intelligent human. Artificial Intelligence becomes new trends in information technology. The main difficult problem for the researcher of AI is initiating common sense, problem-solving skills, reasoning power.

Artificial Intelligent is also related to the Robotics. Robot required the best intelligence to manage tasks like navigation, localization, mapping, object manipulation, motion planning etc. The AI system continuously trying to develop a better system by using deep learning algorithms.

As we see in industries there is a shortage of skilled workforce, it would be the best option to acquire AI system for your organization. So this AI system will increase the productivity of an organization.

Make a proper use of information technology in business, and it will help to grow your business surely.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is the broad network between a physical object and device and other items with software, sensors, electronics that are enabled to exchange data,  it would be an amazing new technology 2019 for sure.  As we collecting and exchanging data then it can be easy to analyze and monitor data. It would be the best option for improving the efficiency and productivity of the business.

If you are thinking what impact will IoT to our life, the Internet of Things will transform our lives. Here we are giving a few examples that can become real and soon come to the real world. Lot’s of smart devices like wearables, automated cars that will increase the experience for you to the surprise many big names like BMW, Apple, Tesla, Google are working the next revolution for the automobile industry.

IoT in healthcare, IoT in the retail sector, IoT in agriculture and smart homes these are the examples for the future of the Internet of Things. The Cisco report on IoT said that it would be $14.4 trillion value considering it into the all industries in the next decade.


A blockchain means is a growing list of records and this list of records linked with using cryptography. Today’s scenario blockchain is very famous for cryptocurrencies and this blockchain readable by the public. There are two types of blockchains use normally; one is private blockchain for business purpose and second one snake oil blockchain for marketing purpose.

Blockchain was technology use for Bitcoin or all types of the crypto-currencies. We would like to see this tech trend in real life and hope you are also excited.

Autonomous Driving (Robot Car)

When you listen to autonomous cars first thing to come to your mind is Tesla, & yes it is a leading organization in the autonomous field who are trying to develop autonomous driving cars.

As we know gasoline cars oldest type in the automobile sector, but now day’s electrical cars come with a new concept in the automobile sector. Tesla is one of the excellent and stylish car makers in the world

Autonomous Driving car is the integration of Machine Language, Artificial Intelligent, advanced sensors, and processing power systems.

Tesla Motor best feature is totally advance technology use, so it is full autonomous driving or you say self-driving features include. You can drive this type of cars on autopilot mode without giving any instruction of driver. Tesla motors taking care regarding safety features.

Future Technology in 2019
Future Technology in 2019

Speed of 5G

5G is the latest technology in the telecommunication field. The 5G technology will 100 times faster as compared to current 4G technology, also 10 times faster than what Google fibre gives the speed to home connection. Expert’s an opinion about 5G that you can use virtual reality and augmented reality with 5G speed. We can’t imagine those things today how better that would be with 5G technology.

This technology will give a different experience to internet users and developers to think about developing new technology apps and streaming content. I would be better for the next engineers, developers, & consumers required to gear up for the modern technology platforms.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

This technology would helpful to creates a virtual world,  it is useful to create a great experience for viewers. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are created by using computer graphics. VR and AR create a real experience for users.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has the ability to change the world and aspect of thinking. There are some people confuse between VR and AR they things both are the same.

What is the Virtual Reality?

It is a system that creates a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment that can be interacted with a human. This human becomes part of this virtual world within this environment and the human in this environment can move the objects or perform various actions.

Virtual Reality is nothing but the technology which use in the computer system to create the simulated environment. It can create an animated scene by using Virtual Reality apps in this view you can see every direction view. With using the Virtual Reality apps you experience those things that you never experience such as swimming in under the sea, walking on the surface of Mars etc.

Here are few examples that use VR technology Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and HTC Vive,

What is the Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is nothing but the improved version of the vision reality and also AR is used in tablets and Smartphones.

AR  improve the live view using the camera on a smartphone or tablets. You probably seen Snapchat lenses or the very famous and criticize game Pokemon Go are the examples of AR. It would come this year in 2019 with more advanced features.

The main purpose of AR application to use your smartphone or tablet camera to show you the real and virtual world. So you can put information on that view by using thin layer information like images, text.

We would like to say one more technology added to this part is the Mixed Reality (MR) it is also known as hybrid reality. It combines both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality through real the immersive technology. This technology is in the initial phase to take off with Microsoft’s HoloLens. This platform introduced as part of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

So technology introduces upcoming new technology 2019 gadgets, so be prepared for lots of fun and new experience.


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