Do You Wish to Be a Part of Java Consultancy?


Java consulting has been much in demand for over a decade now. Leading outsourcing destinations like India, China etc. shelter a large number of reputed Java consulting providers, which handle a wide array of Java-based projects from design to implementation with a lot of proficiency.

Java technology has already set the stage of programming languages on fire for over a decade now. Enterprises around the globe look forward to get their Java-based projects taken over by certified Java firms and accomplished J2EE consult.

Java consultants can help enterprises with a broad array of services like software architecture design, QA, software auditing, J2EE evaluation and optimization, Java integration, J2EE code refactoring and solutions development etc.

Java consultancy entails good coding styles with appropriate documentation. A good Java code must be Javadoc compliant as this helps a Java developer create Javadocs while writing and deploying code. It’s also imperative to make use of standard code templates.

A good J2EE consultant is one, who has a comprehensive experience in making use of FTP tools and image editing tools. The popular FTP tools in use include wsftp, winscp etc. Image editing tools can be used to take screenshots, edit the same etc. Also, day-to-day tools like source control system and file comparison tools are important constituents of the repository of a Java consultant. He/she must have expertise in using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint etc.

To be a part of a good Java consultancy, you need to be proficient in using different types of plug-ins and Eclipse IDE. Also, you must be able to run start/stop applications, and skilled in using shell scripts and Unix commands. Management of file system and editing experience of files is also preferred.

When you succeed in joining a firm that delivers J2EE consult, you must attempt to learn the use of version control system. Management of varied built versions in different environments is also important. Also, it’s intelligent to keep a vigil on your work in this system. A good Java consultant must keep unit testing his/her code and new developments.

A good Java consultant must be able to document a design case for the task already done. The module developed should be such that you’re able to explain it to others with a lot of conviction. Since most of Java projects today are based on Agile or Scrum, you must be able to chalk out decent ball park estimates and give a fair idea about how much time you’d be requiring to develop a test case.


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